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class blog #8 with special guest vegeta

Being my seventh year going to Fanime, I have learned one important thing; It gets to be very expensive. A weekend pass cost $55 if you pre-register and about $65 if you buy it at the door. The most expensive thing is if you plan to reserve a hotel room and it also depends on which hotel you stay but the average for most hotels around the convention center is about $100 a night.
Vegeta: My god! This place is full of Nerds!
Me: Vegeta? What are you doing here and where’s raditz?
Vegeta: hell if I know where he went but I’m replacing him today. Is that a problem?
Me: since I don’t want to die yet, no. it’s fine. Come and join me for some coffee.
You don’t want to starve during the convention, so save some money to buy food. I usually buy a small breakfast at about $5, lunch around $5-7 and a good dinner around $10-15. So for the whole con, make sure to put aside $100-150 for food. I can really tell you how much to take for spending money but I usually spend anywhere between $300-500, depending on what is in the dealer’s hall and artist alley that year.


class blog#7

On Wednesday, we watched part of a Bladerunner and this brought up the question of what it truly means to live. Do robots or android feel pain or love?
Raditz: They’re robots. They don’t FEEL anything.
Me: how do you know? Were you ever a robot yourself?
While thinking of this question, I thought of an anime I remember from middle school called Chobits. Chobits is about Hideki, a college student, who finds Chi, a Persacom that is unlike any other. Now, a persacom is a humanoid robot. Chi doesn’t act like robot but more like a naïve girl. After some time, both Hideki and Chi begin to fall in love with each other but Hideki wonders if she can feel love or if it’s just her programming.


class blog#6

During the week, we read “Liar” by Isaac Asimov. Herbie, a robot with the ability to read peoples minds, doesn’t care for data or theories but is rather fond of fiction as he says the interaction between humans interest him. While reading this story, Herbie almost seemed human in  a way because it felt like he  understood human emotions and wanted to help the people. It is later said that he everything he said was because of the Laws of Robotics. Although he wanted to help, it is clear that he lied to everyone but this was not his fault. Herbie simply could not inflict pain on anyone and that includes emotional pain.
Raditz: This just proves that you humans are weak. To have robots make you feel better is pathetic!


class blog#5

In our readings for class, “reason” by Isaac Asimov, Cutie asked about his existence, yet refuses to believe the answers he is given. After giving much thought to what could have created him, cutie comes to the conclusion that a higher being that he calls, The master, is his true creator; just as some people look to a higher power or being for answers to our existence.
Raditz: why would you humans simply let a robot talk to you in that manner? Why not destroy them if they question you?


How do I know I'm human? I could say because I breathe and sleep and eat and feel that I am human. I love my family and friends. i feel pain when stabbed and when my heart is broken. Does that make me human? Am I human when I repeat my life everyday. When I wake up everyday wondering what I'll do, only to repeat my actions from the day before and the day before that. When my life is a continuous schedule, does that not make me a robot? I guess I could say I'm human because I fear. I fear what is real and things that are make believe.

Raditz: You're defiantly human. You cry over the most minor cuts.
Me: Hey, Shut Up! I'm not from a planet of warriors pumped full of steroid like SOME PEOPLE.
Raditz: You're right. You're from a planet inhabited by weaklings.
Me: If I was strong enough, I'd smack you right across the face.
Raditz: You wouldn't have the gall to evnen if you had the strength to back it up.


class blog#3 A.K.A I can't stop loving you

With all of our class discussions on robots, it reminded me of some past anime i have watch and how they relate to our current topic of robots. While both these readings and the animes share the similar theme of robots and trust, these animes also go into the question of love and friendship between man and robots.


The first is probably one of my favorite movie, Metropolis. Metropolis is based on the 1948 manga, created by Osamu Tezuka (creator of such famous animes such as Astro boy, Black Jack and Kimba:The White Lion.), which is based on the1927 silent film of the same name.

This story focuses on a young boy named Kenichi as just arrived in Metropolis, a futuristic city where the robots are made to do all the hard labor underground and are not permitted to go above ground with the humans. While wondering the town Kenichi meets Tima, a humanoid robot who has no memories or knowlege of who or what she is. Both Kenichi and Tima are unaware that Tima herself is a robot. The main antagonist, Rock, harbors a great hatred for robots because he believes that not only are these robots taking the jobs of human who need them but that the robots will also gain too much power to the point that they may overthrow us humans. Rock also hold a deep hatred towards Tima because his adoptive father, Duke Red, a powerful politician, cares more for the well being of Tima than Rock. After escaping multiple attacks from Rock, Duke Red find Tima and Kenichi and tells Tima that she is indeed a robot. Not only that, but Tima is a robot modeled after his deceased daughter and is the key to active and control the Ziggurat, a massive weapon that Duke Red plans to use for world domination. Duke Red uses Kenichi to make Tima activate the Ziggurat but once attached to the weapon, Tima goes insane and decides to annihilate human kind with the Ziggurat. Rock stops her plans by activating the self destruct button of the Ziggurat. Kenichi tries to help her but it's already too late for Tima and is lost in the explosion.

the voice of the dragon song

I decided to try something different and make my own top 16 list song.
Now, I'm a big Dragon Ball Z fan and wanted to do something involving that. When i first saw Dragon Ball Kai, i was suprised to see that they had a new opening song by another singer instead of Hironobu Kageyama. Kageyama has been doing Dragon Ball Z songs since the Z series began. Kageyama has done both openings, the second ending song and many other singles just for this series. I can't really explain why i chose these song but i'll just put the songs up themselves so you can see why i chose them. Remember, this is a list of MY favorite songs. this is my top 16!
My Top 16Collapse )

class blog#2 A.K.A roboto!

For the past two days in class we've have been talking about robots. After reading Reason by Isaac Asimov, and Can Robots Be Trusted bt Erik Sofge; it's seems like we are still far from creating the Artificial Intelligence that we fear of from science fiction. Actually, I became very interested in reading Reason and my do so if i ever get through that stack of books in my room.
Just the other day on Toplessrobot, i found a video of a robot called the I-Fairy that is able to marry people.
Raditz: You pathetic humans rely to much on technology...
Me: What?!
Raditz: But i guess you must since this planet is full of weakling.

Yesterday i even had a "Munch moment" as my dad called it when watching this car commercial about a car that can park itself. well, this looks like the first sign of the end for soccer moms and their poor little children. when the robot rebellion begins, they will be the first to go as the cars take control of the vehicle as sends the occupants skyrocketing out of the car at 100mph.


class blog #1

Well, i'd like to introduce everyone to my personal Avatar: RADITZ!

Raditz: huh? I'm alive?
Me: With the help of the Dragon Balls, i brought you back to life to help me with my project.
Raditz: And why should i help you, woman?
Me: because if you do't, i could just have Goku send you back to you back to hell. By the way, how's Frieza doing?
Raditz: ... Alright HUMAN, I'll go along with this for now.

As I said before, this wonderful ray of sunshine is Raditz. He's a Warrior of an alien race know as the Saiyan from the planet Vegeta.

on a side note, only 9 day until Fanime. It has also just been announced that FLOW (one of my favorite J-Rock bands) is going to be at Fanime and will have a concert the friday of Fanime.


So there's only 16 days until fanime.
so i already have a idea (actually it's like a list) of things i want to get while i'm there. the first thing that came to mind was the Freedom Gundam model kit.i've had my eye on this baby for awhile.i also want to see if any of the dealers will have the Rob Lucci figure that i've been trying to find for a long. i can find it in San Francisco sometimes but it's $70 and usually items at fanime can be a little cheaper.i know i make it a rule to never buy DVD's or Manga at cons but i'm really thinking about buying the Dragon Ball Kai season 1 boxset. funimation is releasing the boxset on May 18 so there should be at least one booth selling it. i also just heard the dubbed opening song by Sean Schemmel (the voice over for Goku) and it's fantastic. i didn't care for the ending dub because it sounded very awkward. the lyrics felt very forced and didn't feel like they matched the music.

speaking of Dragon Ball, i just saw the worst thing in the world last week; Dragon Ball:Eveolution. that's right, i watched the abomination that is the american live action adaptation of my all time favorite manga/anime series and boy was that movie a piece of crap. in the first 5 minute (and i'm not kidding on this) they were able to butcher the entire storyline just by explaining what took place years ago. what a load of shit this movie was.i hope hollywood doesn't continue with this series, just leave it be.